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My extended period of unemployment leaves me terribly bored on some days. I can always sit around and think about the things I ought to me doing.

One day I went hunting for some speech to text software for Linux and ended up finding a text to speech application named Festival. Since I've been playing around with screencasting too I had to make a little video of festival in action. Strange I's the bored thing ;-)


VNC Mini-How-To


  1. Two or more networked computers
  2. VNC server and client installed on each machine


This is some of the easiest software I've ever installed. Dating back to RedHat6.2 with binaries downloaded from the original VNC project it has always worked. The only problems I've encountered have been relatively minor configuration details that affected the quality of the display.

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Dual Proc P-90

AST Premmia GX P90

Project: Install Linux/resurrect this retired winders server

Basic Specs

This machine is an AST Premmia GX P90. 64 Megs of simm RAM, 2.4 gig HD, SCSI CDROM, ATI Mach64 w/2megs PCI video card, embedded ethernet chip (now disabled), 3Com509B ISA nic. Known oddities include; will not boot from the hardrive, BIOS is set to read /dev/fd0 first, ISA nic will not accept configuration during install, but is detected, see /var/log/dmesg, scsi is a known oddity to me!

I've made some changes in the hardware now. See the updates below.

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Sun SparcStation5

Specifications for "sparcy"

This is an old beast, circa 1995. It was retired and sold at auction from some corporation that did development of broadband connection technology. I'll try to get the name of the corporation upon my next visit to the stash.

Now I'm just going to paste in some output from the Bash command line. We'll see how this displays. First 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' to display cpu info, duh!

mark@sparcy:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
cpu : Fujitsu MB86904
fpu : Lsi Logic/Meiko L64804 or compatible
promlib : Version 3 Revision 2

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