Migration Progress

Submitted by Mark on Sat, 06/16/2007 - 5:38pm.

I've made much progress today on the css. But no progress or virtually no progress on getting the master bedroom ready to paint.

Off my ass and to work. The room's walls have to be mopped down to get rid of some of the tars from smoking.

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About Me

A little about me. I was born in Richmond, Va. We'll forego the actual date of birth for now. I now reside in Winston-Salem, NC. I'm a carpenter by day and a web junkie by night. I'm not real interested in most sports. Growing up the jocks were the tormenters, so as an adult I really don't care what they do.

These days I like taking care of our garden, taking pictures and computers. Shirrell bought our first computer for Christmas of '97. We've had quite a journey since that Christmas. The first game we purchased was "Age of Empires", if you've ever played it you'd be correct in guessing that we became obsessed. The phrases, "Hey, it's my turn!" and "Alright, your hour's up!", were heard regularly. The next obsession was chat. We got hooked on a java based chat system called "Virtual Places". It's actually a pretty cool client, it's a web browser so any web page can be used as a chat room.

My younger brother, Jack, turned me onto Linux. I've been using Linux since 1999. Starting with RedHat 6.0 and now Ubuntu. I'm really enjoying learning a unix type operating system. I'm fascinated with making the machines talk nice to each other.

It was around this same time that we began building our personal home pages. First with the help of my brother, Jeff on, then, then AT&T, then Road Runner and now here. I had hoped to host this from my own server. Instead I built a different sort of site; mostly a learning php exercise. That site went live as running on an old dual proc Pentium 90. Since then it's been on a sparc5, a K6-233 Aptiva, a whitebox Celeron466 and currently a whitebox P4. The Aptiva was the machine Sheryl bought back in '97. Also I've been helping out James with his Mustang site. I set up the first few pages and now he's doing most of the work. Good job, James!

This is a personal home page, which means I can do whatever I want. If you like what you read, "cool" if you don't, "See Ya!".

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