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Remove and Replace an Entry Door

I landed a little job from a Linux bud that owns some rental property. The mission is to remove and replace the worn out Masonite siding with Hardi-Plank; remove and replace the utility room entry door.

Both sLowe's and thehomedespot have a fourteen day lead time on special order Hardi-Plank. They stock enough of the Hardi material to have a presence on the shelves. Since I'm matching the existing siding I need to special order more than I need. thehomedespot had the best price on the siding so they got the business.

World Record Time

Arrived at local HD approximately 8:00 am:

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Submitted by Mark on Sat, 03/28/2009 - 9:40am.

Damn People, I mean what do they think? I, or we, gave a quote for a 18 to 15 feet by 12 feet wide deck out to an above ground pool.

$4000 for labor and materials which is a _very reasonable price. When we got the framing out to the pool we realized it would make a very small entry area to the pool. So we suggested making the deck longer, out to 22 feet, so there would be a bigger opening to the pool. The female side of the home owners agreed.

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