Remove and Replace an Entry Door

I landed a little job from a Linux bud that owns some rental property. The mission is to remove and replace the worn out Masonite siding with Hardi-Plank; remove and replace the utility room entry door.

Both sLowe's and thehomedespot have a fourteen day lead time on special order Hardi-Plank. They stock enough of the Hardi material to have a presence on the shelves. Since I'm matching the existing siding I need to special order more than I need. thehomedespot had the best price on the siding so they got the business.

World Record Time

Arrived at local HD approximately 8:00 am:
I met LeeV at the local hd *after* I loaded the door on one of those silly carts they have at these big stores. Darn thing will not stand still! Checked out, loaded up, cruised across town.

I'll have to check the time stamp on this image. We had the old door out before I remembered to take some pictures. Here it is with the door out. Note here we saved the alarm pieces but since the tenant reported that the alarm "isn't connected" we did not reinstall them.

This is what we are going to replace next. A northern exposure, a concrete patio and perhaps gutters that overflow are contributing factors to this decay.

The original door was in pretty bad shape. The jamb had been repaired once and the repair was starting to rot.

LeeV did the heavy lifting, he had a mallet handy. I could not imagine an easier fit! It pretty much just slipped right in; a little mallet work but not much.

New DoorNew Door

Packed up having a smoke in the driveway at 10:15 am

Really we were bit lucky but also experienced in this particular neighborhood. thehomedespot charges $30 to measure and $249 for a basic installation total...let's just say $280. I wonder what the split is through the despot...


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