Getting Paid

Submitted by Mark on Thu, 06/18/2009 - 11:35pm.

I found some work from a former supervisor (Warthog) that is in business for himself now.

The work is at High Point University. He is subcontracting for Frank L Blum Contracting. I was paid last week for three days. Today he told me he won't be able to pay me until the 25 or 26th of this month.

Okay that is a week's hold back and that is not uncommon. However, the only other guy Warthog has working for him told be he has waited three months to get paid.

I hate the thought of working for having to sweat a man for my pay. I simply can not afford to work and not get paid. Damn near homeless now. And Warthog is a gun and hunting nut...

I need some leverage to make sure I get paid. And I need a job where I don't have to even worry about getting paid.

It is good to be making sawdust again. My compadre is older than me and that is unusual. So far he hasn't taught me any new tricks which is disappointing.

Every news source says this is not a depression, coulda fooled me....