Submitted by Mark on Sat, 03/28/2009 - 9:40am.

Damn People, I mean what do they think? I, or we, gave a quote for a 18 to 15 feet by 12 feet wide deck out to an above ground pool.

$4000 for labor and materials which is a _very reasonable price. When we got the framing out to the pool we realized it would make a very small entry area to the pool. So we suggested making the deck longer, out to 22 feet, so there would be a bigger opening to the pool. The female side of the home owners agreed.

Now I need to bill them $400 more for this extension. Seems quite reasonable to me as we had to buy two more posts and do additional custom framing around the pool. This is not normal square or rectangular framing: this is framing on a radius! We agreed to put lattice around the deck at no additional labor cost; just the cost of the lattice, now they think we agreed to adding on 4 feet to the deck at no cost. Guess we should have charged labor for the lattice.

To make things more exciting my partner's house was broken into yesterday. They stole his big screen TV, DVD player, stash box and all jewellery.

We're poor working class people so, no, there is no insurance on our rentals.

seeking peace...

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