Frosty Morning

Submitted by Mark on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 9:52am.

I was awaken this morning by my wife, Shirrell, shaking me. "Mark, wake up! My car doors are frozen shut, I need help." Glance at the clock...5:45, oh gee! Shirrell works for Goody's in Elkin which is nearly an hours drive away.

"What's the temperature?"
"Oh this won't be too bad..."

I get the hair dryer, an extension cord and in ten minutes have both doors open, car running and defroster cranking. Back in bed by 6:15. A year ago I would have been getting ready for work too. The unemployment thing is really getting old and Shirrell will soon be joining the unemployed ranks. She expects her store to be finished liquidating near the end of February.

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